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Leaders Wanted

The misting industry needs qualified leaders in it’s Commercial, Industrial and Residential markets.

CLOUDBURST offers the most extensive and well managed Authorized Dealer program in our industry. We, unlike other companies, are not just looking to add anyone that wants to “give it a try”. We instead are looking for qualified persons and companies that are serious about wanting to make misting solutions part of their business.

The right candidates will preferably have experience in the markets they want to be in. For example, if you are a contractor or plumber that wants to offer your clients mist cooling options or if you are a mechanical contractor that knows firsthand how many air cooled heat exchangers are struggling to keep up with their demand when they are needed most, we would love to hear from you.

Of course there are many other reasons why someone may be qualified to become a Cloudburst Authorized Dealer. We are always looking for the right match to join our international team of the best dealers in our industry.

Here is what we offer the right candidates:

Factory Training

We offer two, three and four day training classes for all new Authorized Dealers. These classes are designed to introduce you to the basics for succeeding in the misting business for your specific market(s). This includes product knowledge, product selection, install techniques, job bidding, maintenance, repairs and the other information needed to get you started on the right path.

All classes include a balanced mix of classroom and hands-on training that will leave you with a very good foundation for success that we can build on as you move forward.


After the initial training, our work really begins. You will know enough from training to get started. In fact, you will know 99.99% more than most people as to how and why misting works for various applications and how to install and service our basic systems. But, most systems are not “basic” and every install is different so we will work closely with you in designing, bidding and providing install suggestions and support.

The on boarding time to become completely proficient and comfortable with the above is about 2 years. Even then you will always have questions and new challenges that our 25 + years of experience can help you with.  We’ll never leave you hanging!

Quality Products

Even if you know everything about an industry, if you do not have a good product to sell you are sunk before you even set sail.

 All of Cloudburst products are the best in our industry. With over 25 years of misting systems manufacturing experience and supplying thousands of misting systems to over 20 countries, we know what is good and what is not. We only use top rated components in all of our pumps, fans, controls, and other systems.

 There are other good misting systems being made today but there is still no one that can honestly say that they make a system better than ours!

Why Become a Cloudburst Dealer?

If you are looking to get into the misting business you have a couple of choices. You can either just go it on your own, learning as you go (our experience shows this almost never works for those who are serious about it) or you can partner with a company that offers extensive training, support and top quality products. When it comes to the later we happen to know of such a company. Just ask and we will let you know who they are.

Contact us today for more information.