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Many Applications Misting Systems

The Many Applications of Misting Systems

Misting systems have been an important factor which can be attributed to the success of many business establishments, including those of the food, industrial and agricultural sector. These systems are well known for their role in outdoor cooling of the backyard patio, garden or arou nd the pool. They also have a great reputation for helping business establishments with outdoor settings to have a smooth and continuous flow of their business operations at all times, even on the hottest of days. This is because they can easily enhance any outdoor environment to exude an air of coolness. However, the use of a misting system is no longer limited to just cooling a home patio or business setting. It is now being used for several different applications, including livestock cooling, humidity and dust control, food preservation and more.

Patio Misting System

misting system here would me an a high pressure system which can produce incredibly fine water droplets. It measures about 5 to 25 microns in size and can be compared to the size of a normal water spray droplet which measures about 200 microns. To achieve this, water is rapidly spun as it passes through a misting nozzle under high pressure. This pressure is created by the combination of a pump and the tiny size of the holes in the nozzles. When the water hits the air it goes through a process which is called flash evaporation. The flash evaporative processes, then can give a cooling effect to the surroundings, control humidity or bring down dust without the use of excess water.

One of its common uses in the commercial sector is for greenhouses where misting systems are used to control the temperature and the humidity levels. The Greenhouse misting system can be set up on a timer system to operate at certain hours or time of the day or on a sensor system so that when the relative humidity reaches the specified level the misters would automatically kick to action.

In the food industry the mist system is used to maintain a constant level of temperature; more so, in storing foods, it is also important to maintain a humidity level to keep the food from spoiling. One important feature of the mister is its’ flash evaporative feature that can provide the required humidity level of the environment without making the surrounding wet. This feature is important to prevent the growth of molds inside the premises which is harmful to the foods.

In an industrial site, where the dust generation poses a very serious problem to health and vision, it is important to have an effective dust suppression system installed in the area. The dust control misting system uses a high pressure pump with misting fan(s) and /or mist line(s). These are installed in some strategic areas around the site and will generate a fine fog which can attract the dust particles and quickly settle them to the ground. This can prevent the dust particles from spreading and moving freely in the air.

In the Agricultural aspect, one important job of the misting system is to create an agricultural cooling effect for the animals to make them more healthy and productive. It was observed that heat stressed animals weigh less and are less productive compared to those animals that are comfortable and not experiencing a hot environment. For instance, a cow which is kept or housed in a cool place can produce more milk or a chicken will lay more eggs when not under heat stress.

An outdoor mist cooling system which is installed in the agricultural site can automatically lower the temperature of the area during hot days which is very beneficial to the livestock. These systems often incorporate misting fans to offer a wider area of coverage and better cooling for the animals.