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Misting systems are a great alternative for the spaces where air conditioners cannot be used. Such as outdoor patios or pool areas. They use an ultra-fine mist of water that flash evaporates to keep the space cool and comfortable even during the hottest weather. Also known as fogging systems or mist cooling, they are a perfect investment to enhance your outdoor environment. Misting systems are relatively easy to install and...
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A good misting system is a summertime savior against even the hottest days. Providing an atmosphere of coolness and protecting people from the summer heat. It isn’t hard to imagine how difficult it would be if your misting system was to stop working right before that special summer event due to maintenance issues. Therefore, it is important to keep your misting system at its peak capability. The best way to...
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Summers are that time of the year when we enjoy outdoor activities like pool parties and lunch on the patio. It is the best time to have fun outdoors with friends and family; however, the summer heat often spoils our fun. The immense heat ruins the celebrations and even the air conditioning systems are useless in the outdoor areas. But this doesn’t mean that we need to avoid doing what...
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