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The Past

Cloudburst was founded in 1994 by Steve Wright, an offensive tackle for the NFL’s Los Angeles Raiders and business partner, Mike Davis. Steve simply wanted to find a way to cool off the Raiders sideline and did. From there the first ever sports misting fan was manufactured in Mike Davis’s garage. This iconic piece of history is shown at the top of this page being enjoyed by Tommy Lasorda at the Dodgers dugout in 1995. From there we won the bid to provide mist cooling to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. This was the first time misting was used at the Olympics or seen on national television. This was the beginning of the high pressure commercialized misting industry you see today.

That was nearly 25 years ago and since then we haven’t looked back.

A ‘Blast from the Past”. Watch our first promo video from 1996

The Present

Since creating the first ever sideline misting system and introducing misting to the world at the Olympics, Cloudburst has continued to develop new innovative ways to improve and broaden the use of high pressure misting. What started out as an idea to cool off Steve’s teammates has grown into an international business that works with markets in most industries and on every continent except Antarctica (still working on that one).

Here are just a couple of the many other technologies we have introduced to our industry;

Mist & Cool® – The first DIY misting kits to be sold in mass retail. Introduced in 1996, Mist & Cool made mist cooling available to every household.

Smartmist™ – A proprietary line of pumps, controls and mist nozzle configurations that improve the efficiency and efficacy of most industrial misting applications.

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The Future?

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