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Why Us

Cloudburst has the expertise and experience to provide a full line of custom and non-custom misting system solutions. With an inventory of over 30,000 parts and an engineering staff that has done it all, we can provide a quick turn around on the perfect misting system to meet your needs. We only offer the best in:

Stock Products and Systems

We manufacture and stock over 30,000 misting parts including pumps, fans, nozzles, fittings and other components Our stock pumps use all USA parts and are continuous duty, commercial grade with some of the longest rated run hours available in our industry—meaning they last a long, long time! There are certainly cheaper pumps but you will be hard pressed to find any that are better. As far as nozzles, fitting and other parts we only offer what we feel are the best. Our nozzles are also made in the USA and have a patented design that allows them to deliver some of the finest mist available in our industry (5 to 10 microns). Our stock fans are also USA made and offer totally enclosed motors and/or UL Listed for outdoor use.

Custom Systems

Nothing we do is ordinary everything we do is extraordinary”. It may sound a bit over the top but it is true and if we didn’t think so why would you want to do business with us?

When I say custom I mean custom! Of course we build custom size pumps, tubing and nozzle configurations but we have also built and installed some crazy cool stuff such as: a 2 km long mist line for a nice (I mean nice) walking path in Kuwait with over 600 custom misting totems and helping to design and build the LARGEST and most powerful self contained misting fans in the world that deliver a blizzard of mist over the length of 2 football fields! And the list goes on. So if you need anything mist, small large or HUGE just call us and we’ll get it done.


Our install team and dealer network are highly qualified to install any system – anywhere. They are professional, quality conscious and above all else, they know the client always comes first.

Over the past 25 years, we have trained and established over 50 of the best trained and talented dealers and installers in our industry with locations on every continent except Antarctica. We also have a team of “hot shot” installers that are ready travel when and where needed to make sure all of our systems are installed with the same quality and workmanship as you get with our products.


From quickly and accurately answering your questions to staying late to get your urgent shipment on the last truck out, we think it is worth going the extra mile to make sure you know how much we appreciate your business.

We also offer full system design with on site and off site consulting services.