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Commercial Misting

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Commercial Misting System

Commercial Misting

“Done right, some people may mistake it for a miracle”

OK, our misting system may not be a miracle, but they sure are really, really good! They are known worldwide to always deliver results that meet or exceed expectations.

If you want a misting system that is designed and tailor-made to give you lasting performance and consistent results, we just may be who you are looking for. We just do not throw some nozzles in a bag and hope they work for you. We work with you to make sure we are designing just the right system for your needs and don’t rest until we deliver exactly that.

Besides our premier design and install support, we also provide you with the best equipment in our industry. We only use commercial/industrial grade components like our exclusive commercial grade pumps that are rated for continuous use so they can run all day – every day and still last for years. You would think that all commercial systems would use commercial grade quality parts, but this just isn’t true. We know this because we service and replace our competitor’s systems all the time.

Mist Cooling

Hospitality – Outdoor Malls – Other Large Venues

Our first large commercial mist cooling job was cooling the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. It was the first time mist cooling was used in the Olympics. Since then we have not looked back and continue to offer the best misting solutions for large and small commercial venues worldwide.

From high profile places like the Mexico City Subway System and the Jamarat Bridge in Saudi Arabia to your local favorite eatery, Cloudburst has been providing mist cooling systems on time, on budget and with the professional service you can only get from an industry leader.

Special Effects and Mist Art

Mist is used for many kinds of visually pleasing effects and art. It is used in yards and gardens to add an ambiance and atmosphere that one can only say wow to and in many “Hollywood” type events for creating fog like effects over water or to mimic a cold, foggy night in England. It is also used in some pretty cool sculptures and other artworks. We do not create the art; we leave that up to the great artists. But, we do work closely with them in designing, engineering and manufacturing just the right solutions to give their art exactly what they are envisioning.


There are many ways to control humidity but misting is more often used because of its reliability and cost-effectiveness. Our humidity control systems deliver an ultra-fine mist that flash evaporates adding moisture to the air. It is reliable, easy to operate and uses much less electricity than other system types. We offer easy to install systems and controls that are built to last. They have been widely used in the textile, agriculture, cement, paper, and other industries since 1994.

Cloudburst has been the leader in Commercial Misting for over 25 years. We have developed and introduced many of the technologies used today. From cooling your local favorite restaurant to world-renowned mist art, we do it all. Here is a little bit more about some of the commercial sectors we work with:

Whether you need cooling at a poolside bar, restaurant patio or at the front valet misting systems are the perfect cooling solution for any environment. Cloudburst offers a wide variety of misting fan and misting line options, installation techniques, and state of the art technologies to give you just the right cooling effect anywhere it is required.

Feature and Scene Effects
Mist is often used to create fog like effects for “Hollywood” type features and scenes. This can be for a ride at Disney or for a scene on Broadway. Whatever the need is, Cloudburst can provide just what you need to pull off the perfect mist effect for any scene or feature.

Large Venues
This includes anything from Amusement Parks to Zoos and everything in between. When designing a misting system for large outdoor areas it really helps to have the experience and knowledge that only being an industry leader for more than a quarter century can provide you. Yes, we are bragging a little but it is true. Our experience has given us the opportunity to develop misting systems for thousands of venues all around the world, allowing us to offer a wide range of custom and stock solutions for even the most unique projects.

Mist Art
Mist is more and more becoming part of art. It can add a level of sophistication and movement. Like light, it is always moving and changing giving the observer a different perspective at any given point in time. It also works with the light to give the art piece a variety of reflective variances and moods.

Sometimes mist is used for a specific element within the art piece such as dust, fog or steam, but it is more often used simply to enhance the beauty and interaction of the art piece itself.

Outdoor Malls
Everyone loves outdoor malls even if the weather isn’t perfect. If it rains they bring an umbrella, if it is cold they bring a jacket but what do they do if it is unbearably hot? They go to an indoor mall or one that has a misting system! Our outdoor mall systems use primarily misting lines and occasionally with misting fans in semi-enclosed environments. Because most malls require very long runs at heights above 12′, we often use our exclusive stainless steel extension feature that allows us to drop the nozzles to an effective height while keeping a very clean, almost artistic feel to the system.

Cloudburst works closely with many local and international architects, contractors and artisans, providing a seamless integration of our misting solutions into the client’s environment. We will also work directly with the client when required Contact Us