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Industrial Misting

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Industrial Misting

Pre-Cooling - Process Cooling - Dust Control - Odor Control - Humidification

Cloudburst is the hands-down leader in the industrial misting product sector of our business. It is one of the core divisions of our company. With over 25 years of experience in designing engineering and manufacturing industrial misting systems, we have set ourselves apart by offering time tested solutions to the many cooling, dust control, odor control and humidification challenges that industries face today. We are also known for our ability to create unique solutions to unique problems with our experienced and well-versed system’s design staff. To date there is no cooling, dust, odor or humidification problem, BIG or small, that we cannot solve

Join the many satisfied companies we have had the privilege to serve and have the peace of mind that your problem is already solved the moment you decide to contact us.


Refrigeration – Dry Coolers – Chillers…

Done right mist pre-cooling can improve the performance and efficiency of any air cooled system and we know how to do it RIGHT!

We have been serving Gas & Oil, Technical, Medical, Grocery, and other industries for many years. We have developed the most cost-effective and reliable way to cool the air going into large and REALLY LARGE air-cooled systems. From dry coolers and chillers on grocery stores and data centers to football field size air cooled heat exchangers at gas and oil production plants, Cloudburst offers a turnkey solution to any mission-critical or energy conservation need you have with your air cooled system.
Featured Project

Process Cooling

Process mist cooling is when we use the mist to cool the operation of equipment or process.

We have been working with several companies in injection molding, forging and other industries. We provide stock and customized systems that work for just about any type of equipment or process cooling need out there.

Dust Control

Dust control is fast becoming another core division of Cloudburst Misting Systems

With an increased focus on dust control and our strategic alliance with Flesan®, South America’s premier large venue dust control provider, we have developed several new “game-changing” technologies that have been very well received during their 2018 beta launch in Peru. These products will be available worldwide by midyear, 2019

Our dust control misting systems are one of the most efficient ways to control dust in large outdoor spaces like mines and quarries as well as large indoor facilities like cement factories and spice processing plants. It is more effective than other systems because it delivers a unique mist that is engineered to maximize dust attraction and control exactly when and where it is needed most.Featured Project

Odor Control

The odor control business “Stinks” but we are good at it. We offer some of the best pumps and additive delivery systems available for odor control.

Our injection system can handle just about any additive and our pumps are industrial grade and built to withstand the most grueling of conditions. Our systems are used at large municipal sites as well as for several industries like composting. Need to get the “stink out”; just contact us with your needs and we will be glad to discuss them with you. No BS.


There are many ways to control humidity but misting is more often used because of its reliability and cost-effectiveness. Our humidity control systems deliver an ultra-fine mist that flash evaporates adding moisture to the air. It is reliable, easy to operate and uses much less electricity than other system types.

From greenhouses to explosive manufactures, we offer the technology and experience to deliver precise humidity control to any industrial environment.

Cloudburst has developed and introduced many of the technologies used in industrial misting today. From adding redundancy and capacity to data centers with our pre-cooling systems to keeping dust to a minimum at some of the largest copper mines in the world, we pride ourselves in the ability to provide the best misting solutions for any industry. Here is a little bit more about some of the industrial sectors we work with:

Grocery and Cold Storage Pre-Cooling Systems

Grocery store and cold storage pre-cooling is a fast-growing market for Cloudburst Misting Systems. By cooling the air going across the condenser coils, we can significantly reduce the amp load, decrease the head pressure and/or add up to 15% more cooling capacity with minimal water consumption.

We work with some of the largest grocery retailers in the US and abroad. Typically our pre-cooling system is installed to add efficiency and increased cooling capacities to refrigeration condensers to keep refrigerated and frozen goods cold or frozen. Our pre-cooling system will reduce energy costs, product loss, and the downtime associated with summertime stress and the inability for many refrigeration systems to keep up during peak demand.

Dry Cooler Misting Systems

Dry coolers have always had problems meeting demand during the hotter parts of summer. Because many systems are getting older and ambient conditions seem to be getting warmer, many dry coolers just can’t keep up with the demand put on them. This leads to lower production, increased downtime, and many other problems associated with cooling system failure.

The Cloudburst pre-cooling system can cost-effectively eliminate all the above. It does so by delivering a treated and coil safe evaporative mist to the air around and in front of the coils. The ultra-fine mist flash evaporates leaving the air up to 30 degrees cooler prior to crossing the coils. From there it is simple physics, cooler air equals cooler coils. Of course, we have detailed data on this and the many benefits of pre-cooling so contact us if you would like more information.

Mining Dust Control

Mines spend a lot of money on controlling dust. Some dust control systems definitely work better than others for these large venues. Through strategic partnering with Flesan Tecnología™ in Peru, Cloudburst’s mining dust control systems are now some of the best technologies available for this expansive industry. Our systems utilize features that no other dust control systems offer such as proprietary – controls, nozzle sets, extensions, and dust cannon mist rings. Our systems are fast becoming the go-to product when dust needs to be managed effectively and reliably.

 Customize Odor Control

Besides the many landfill and other standard odor control systems, Cloudburst works with many industries that need custom odor control delivery systems. These types of industries usually have certain chemicals being used and/or other odor control delivery challenges. At Cloudburst, we have run into all sorts of stinky challenges and we would like to say that we always come out smelling like roses. Corny but true. We have developed several unique customized systems to deliver effective odor control for even the most challenging requirements

Whatever your industrial misting needs may be, we can help. Our engineers and system design specialist have worked with just about everything you can think of. From our stock humidity control systems to customized dust control mining trucks (the largest in the word), we have been offering the best industrial misting systems for over 25 years!Contact Us