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Mist Cooling System

Residential Misting Systems

Mist Cooling - Mistscaping

Cloudburst Misting Systems® has been a leader in residential mist cooling since 1994. Although the residential market has become much more competitive since we started, we still set ourselves apart by only manufacturing and distributing the best in USA made products. Our pumps nozzles, fans, and fittings are all commercial grade products that will last the average homeowner a lifetime. So whether you are looking for a complete quality misting system for your back yard or just a replacement pump, Cloudburst is who you want to talk to.

Mist Cooling

A residential misting system is one of the best back yard investments you can make. It allows the homeowner to take back their backyard from the summer heat and enjoy it during the hot summer days of summer.
People spend thousands of dollars on their back yards for furniture, barbeques, and shades, only to find it so hot that they can’t really enjoy it when they want. So they just look at it through the windows. This is easily remedied by adding a Cloudburst Misting System to bring down the temperature on those hot summer days by 15 to 25 degrees.

Our USA made systems are state of the art and engineered to last with minimum maintenance and running costs. We offer a wide selection of misting fans and misting lines to give the best performance and style.


Mistscaping is a method of misting around landscaping and water features like a pool to give it a great look and feel. Done correctly, the mist will reach a saturation point right above the ground or water (especially at night) thus giving a layer of fog that settles just above the area being misted. Simply add light for a spectacular look that everyone can enjoy.

Whether you are a DIY homeowner that understands the value in quality or a contractor that does not want to put their reputation on the line by using cheap imports, please contact us. We will be glad to assist you in creating a worry-free backyard environment that you or your customers will enjoy for a very long time.